Wedding Highlight - (between 4 and 8 minutes)

Ceremony - (Full Ceremony)

Speeches - (Audio and Video)

Additional Video - (First Looks, First Dances, Extra Footage)


average 700 edited photos


Wedding Day Service

Photo or Video

Local - Within 1~2 hours: $1,500

Travel 2-3+ hours: $2,000

Deposit: Local or Travel $500

(deductible and non refundable)*

Deposit is due when signing agreement PDF. Remaining balance due after wedding before receiving deliverables

Turn Around Time 

2-8 weeks

*Because every wedding is unique your wedding price may vary. Listed here is general pricing.


Document of intent: PDF signed by the customer and I to create a reservation, state requirements, general details, and pay deposit.

Questionnaire: Word Document to fill out for event details

These two documents are sent out after you have contacted me through my website in the "Contact" section with a general description of what you are looking for

Wedding Price